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“Interactions with readers (especially children) and theme-based events are not just opportunities for me to present my books and ideas, but are also learning experiences where I come across new insights and perspectives on various subjects.”

Panelist – ‘Stories in Action’,

MythoLogical Festival, 2020

Guest Speaker – ‘Lost and Found’,

TEDx NITK Surathkal Salon, 2022

Guest Speaker – ‘Nava Durga’,

The Awaara Musaafir Show, 2022

Guest Speaker – ‘Conference on Indigenous Storytelling Traditions of India’, Indic Academy, 2022

Guest Speaker – ‘Mythology, Folklore & Geography’,

The Awaara Musaafir Show, 2022

Speaker – ‘World Elephant Day + Trumpet Calls’,

Youth for Animals + Hachette India, 2022

If you wish to invite Nalini as a speaker or to conduct workshops at children’s/literature festivals or for scheduled sessions in schools, write to her with a brief introduction of yourself and the event or session.

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